scott shannon

Scott Shannon is the popular morning show host on WCBS FM, one of radio's most respected music programmers in the industry.  Scott helped create and define the "Morning Zoo" format for CHR formatted radio stations. As a youth, he listened to different stations around the country during his family's frequent moves. His first job at age 17 was at WAAB/Mobile in 1969. He then worked at WMPS/Memphis, followed by WMAK/Nashville, where he spent three years as program director and on-air personality.

Shannon then joined WQXI/Atlanta, became program director at WPGC/Washington, DC, and then went to WRBQ/Tampa. It was at WRBQ where he created the "Morning Zoo" format, a fun party atmosphere during the four-hour morning shift. His next position was at WHTZ/New York, where he took the ratings from last to first in just 72 days. He then went to Pirate Radio KQLZ/Los Angeles before returning to New York to join WPLJ in 1991. He later joined WCBS FM, ‘CBS 101 FM, and hosts mornings on the popular station. His program again achieved a No. 1 ranking long before his 1000th program on the station in August 2018. He is programmer and host of the True Oldies Channel satellite music station, as well as the host of Scott Shannon Presents America’s Greatest Hits radio program, distributed by United Stations.

Scott Shannon was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2006.