ronn owens

For four decades, Ronn Owens has been considered San Francisco radio’s “Voice of Reason.”

Born in New York, Owens graduated from Temple University in 1967 and began his broadcasting career the following year at WCAU/Philadelphia. During the early 1970s, he hosted talk shows at WKAT/Miami, WERE/Cleveland and WJW/Cleveland and WRNG/Atlanta before joining KGO/San Francisco in 1975. Owens moved to KGO’s mid-day slot in 1984, where The Ronn Owens Show has been the station’s top-rated program for 31 years.

Throughout its run on KGO, The Ronn Owens Show has been one of San Francisco’s consistently popular shows, offering a mixture of discussion on a variety of subjects, ranging from politics and current events to pop culture and personal issues. Owens’ versatility and myriad interests have led him to interview guests ranging from Presidents to actors, from Nobel Prize winners to high school students, offering intelligent and sometimes challenging questions to guests from across the political spectrum. One such guest, Senator John McCain, has said “Whether you find yourself agreeing with him much of the time or not, Ronn Owens is never dull or given to predictable knee-jerk opinions.”

Ronn Owens was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.