milo hamilton

Born September 2, 1927, in Fairfield, Iowa, Milo Hamilton's career began in the U.S. Navy in 1945 on the A.F.R.S. on Guam and continued while a University of Iowa student in 1948. From there, Hamilton took a long winding trail to Cooperstown, New York, where, in 1992, he joined the broadcast wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

In the second half of the 20th century, Hamilton at various times has covered baseball, basketball, football, golf and boxing on every level - from college to professional sports.

In 1953, three years after graduation, he landed his first major league assignment, braodcasting the the St. Louis Browns' games, after which it was on to the Cardinals, Cubs, White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Pirates and Houston Astros.

Hamilton has witnessed nine no-hitters, Ernie Banks' five grand slams in a season, Roger Maris' 61st home run in 1961 and Hamilton was behind the microphone for Hank Aaron's historic 715th home run in April 1974. Hamilton's call of that Aaron blast is one of the most memorable sports moments of the 20th century.

Outside the broadcast booth, Hamilton has dedicated many hours to charity and had helped raise millions of dollars for various worthy causes.

Milo Hamilton was inducted into the Radio Hall of fame in 2000.

He died on September 17, 2015.