Jack Carney was born in Los Angeles on August 23, 1932. He attended UCLA where he studied law. Out of curiosity Carney took radio classes and soon changed his mind about a career in law.

Carney took his first radio job in New Mexico and moved from job to job at small stations throughout the southwest early in his career. Carney then became a rock n’ roll disc jockey serving up the hits to teens in Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Boston.

Carney’s first job in St. Louis came on WIL Radio from 1958-1960. While at WIL, Carney came up with his alter ego character “Pookie Snackenburg.” Carney was lured away from WIL to work for a short time at WABC Radio/New York.

Carney’s second stint in St. Louis was at KMOX where he established a following and his place in the community. Taking over the morning spot from Jack Buck in 1971, Carney was an instant hit. During his KMOX years, virtually every celebrity that passed through St. Louis stopped by to say hello to Jack Carney.

Carney’s show on KMOX was a fixture in St. Louis for 13 years.

Jack Carney died of a sudden heart attack at age 52 on November 27, 1984.

He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2001.