george g. beasley

The Chairman and Founder of Beasley Broadcast Group Inc., George Beasley began his broadcasting career in 1961. His first radio station was WPYB/Benson, a 500-watt AM station in North Carolina.

During a career that has lasted more than fifty years, George Beasley and his family built their company from the ground up. Beasley has received countless accolades from numerous professional, civic and charitable organizations in addition to his success in radio. Beasley’s leadership and love of broadcasting has been the cornerstone of his success. During his career, he has served as a president, vice-president and member of the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters. 

George Beasley began his professional life as a teacher in North Carolina and has been recognized as one of Appalachian State University’s Distinguished Alumni. The George G. Beasley Media Complex opened on the ASU campus in 2013, to provide future generations with an opportunity to pursue broadcasting.

Beasley Broadcast Group enjoyed significant growth in the twenty-first century, including a 2014 multi-market swap with CBS Radio and the 2016 acquisition of Greater Media, which made Beasley the ninth largest radio group in America, with more than seventy stations across the United States.

George Beasley was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2016.