elvis duran

The man who became known as the “maitre’d of the morning” was 15 years old when he began his radio career as a disc jockey at KMMK/Dallas in 1980. Duran later worked nights and mornings at KITY/San Antonio before moving to KRBE/Houston and later to KZGC/Atlanta. In 1988, Duran worked for WIOQ/Philadelphia both on-air and as program director before taking the afternoon slot at WHTZ/New York in 1989.

In April 1996, Duran took over the morning show at WHTZ and Elvis Duran and the Morning Show quickly became one of the city’s top-rated morning shows, offering a combination of popular music, news updates, interviews with popular entertainers, celebrity gossip (in a segment known as “The Sleaze”) and cultural fads (with the feature “What’s Trending”), surrounded by a supporting cast that has included Danielle Monaro, Bethany Watson and Miami-based Froggy.

In 2009, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show entered national syndication through Premiere Networks and has been heard in nearly 80 cities across the U.S., with an audience of more than five million weekly listeners. Elvis signed a long-term deal with Premiere’s parent company iHeartMedia in 2012 to continue hosting his syndicated show while expanding his role to include talent and programming development.

Elvis Duran was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2015.