bruce williams

At one time heard on over 400 stations of the Westwood One Network, Bruce Williams entertained and informed by using his experience in business and public service to find solutions to problems brought to him by his listeners across the country.

Williams grew up in East Orange, New Jersey. After serving with the Air Force in Korea and earning a degree in education from Kean College, he became active in politics, education and business in New Jersey.

In 1975, Williams found another way to serve the public by hosting At Your Service on WCTC/New Brunswick. This was soon followed by his second show, Bruce Williams at Large.

Williams then set his sights on reaching a larger audience, and his persistence paid off. In 1978, he was hired by WMCA/New York. Three years later, he joined NBC’s Talknet, and his national reputation began to grow.

Williams has authored four books, and he writes the “Smart Money” column, which appears in over 600 newspapers.

Bruce Williams was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1999.