bobby bones

Bobby Bones grew up in Mountain Pine, Arkansas, a small town supported by a saw mill that employed most of its residents. Bones had a different career in mind. Landing his first radio job as a college student and during the years that followed, he bounced between a handful of pop, hip-hop and sports stations. But country music was in his blood. 

When The Bobby Bones Show debuted in Austin in 2002, it quickly became the city’s top-rated morning show. In 2012, he moved to Nashville and the show launched into national syndication. Taking some inspiration from pop music and hip-hop, no other DJ was better prepared to tackle the evolving genre of country music.

A strong family dynamic anchors the show where visiting artists are encouraged to let their guard down. There’s no pageantry, no showbiz, no smoke and mirrors. Instead, Bones treats everyone like a member of the family, pulling real emotion out of the format’s biggest stars.

Bones is also a successful stand-up comedian, best-selling author, chart-topping recording artist, television personality and philanthropist. He has built his radio career on the ability to multi-task, turning humor, honesty and hard work into a self-made business empire.

Bobby Bones was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2017.